Dec 27, 2010

15 Random Facts Tag!

I received this tag from the lovely CookingChinchillas, and I really like it, so here are the rules:
Mention 15 facts and tag 5 other bloggers. Sounds simple enough, so here goes:

1) While I love snakes, I'm absolutely terrified of spiders.
2) I'm a nerd, and quite proud of it to be honest.
3) I spend my entire day today with watching a show that's as old as I am (both made in 1984 ^^)
4) I have watched all three Lord of the Rings movies about 15 times without cast commentary, and about 5 times with.
5) While red is my favourite colour, I love green nailpolish most.
6) My cats are named after famous Romans; Julius Ceasar and Marcus Brutus.
7) One of my snakes, a Bloodred Corn Snake, is named Mary for obvious reasons (to me, atleast ^^)
8) I think corsets and hoop skirts are sexy clothes.
9) I have created an army of female Bloodelf characters in World of Warcraft.
10) One of my favourite writers is Marion Bradley.
11) I love watching movies/tv series and/or reading books about either Robin Hood or King Arthur.
12) Sometimes I secretly listen to pop music.
13) My camera is my precious.
14) My Christmas tree has black decorations in it.
15) My favourite fruit is raspberry.

Hm, that wasn't as easy as I'd thought it was! Was fun though :)
Anyways, here are the 5 bloggers I tag:
Evil Angel

Have a nice evening ladies! :)


  1. Totally agree about 2)11)15)
    Great random facts hun!Nerdpower!!!

  2. I like it! Nerdpower! Now all we need is a sign :D

  3. I love random facts! I learned we have some things in common too. :-D

  4. Super leuk! We delen ook een favo schrijfster zie ik haha

  5. @BLIX: Cool :)

    @Ultimategothguide: Tried playing Night Elf when I first started playing WoW, didn't like it, crossed over to the Horde, and then started my Bloodelf army :) Working on my Warrior atm :D

    @Morgaine: Leuk! Nevelen van Avalon is één van mijn favoriete boeken :D

  6. I love the random facts ^^
    Im going to post mine this friday :D

  7. Cool, looking forward to reading your facts on Friday then :)

  8. Hi Morrigan, have tagged you for a Versatile Blogger's Award on my blog =)