Dec 17, 2010


Most of you probably will have already read about a thousand articles about Lush, and, well, this is another one I guess ;)
Difference is I haven't written anything about their products before, because these were the first products I've ever bought at Lush. I was in The Hague last month, and because my phone died there (yes, the glass-breaking incident) I decided I needed to visit Lush to get myself a nice smelling present.
I bought these two lovelies:

Whoosh Shower Jelly and Up You Gets Emotibomb.
I absolutely love, love, love the shower jelly. It smells delicious, and to be honest, I think I might buy three more pots of it next time I visit Lush, just to have some spare ones, haha!
I wasn't too excited about the emotibomb though. It smelled great, but was gone too fast for me to really enjoy it. Maybe that's because we have a huge showerdrain, with a matching huge showerhead, so the amount of water that came crashing down on the poor little bomb was rather huge as well. Who knows :)

I did visit the store again yesterday, but forgot to buy the extra Whoosh, so that gives me an excuse to go to The Hague again soon ;) I did buy a solid shampoo bar, and Lemony Flutter yesterday. 

Finally, a small update about the promised brushroll giveaway: it will come, I've already bought some pretty lace and tiny satin roses to put on the brushroll, but haven't had time to create the roll itself. I've been too busy with my starting business, sorry! I will still make it though, so keep checking back :)


  1. I love how Lush products smell,unfortunately I had allergic reactions to a lot of their things.But their Body Butter is awesome.All their stuff smells divine :D

    Have a happy,healthy Christmas Time Morrigan!!!

  2. Thank you sweetie! Have a very happy Christmas yourself as well! :)