Nov 8, 2010

First photography post!

In the comments on my previous post, some of you suggested I should post some of my photographs on this blog.
So here's my first photography oriented blogpost :)
I have three photo's I wish to share with you today. All of them were taken on festivals in 2009, the first at the Elf Fantasy Fair, the last two at Castlefest.

I don't know these people, I just asked them if I could take their photo, and like most people on these events, they loved to pose :)
Just a small warning, I forgot to resize them, so if you click them, they'll be rather huge xD
I love visiting these kind of festivals, where people really make an effort in creating awesome costumes, and most of the time, I do too. Problem is that I'm always also the one with the camera, so there aren't many shots of my costumes! I will try to find some older shots this week though :)


  1. Wow those pictures are amazing!Especially the first one is to die for!
    WOW and the troll archer is just the coolest dude ever XD

  2. @Eyelining: Thanks! :)

    @CookingChinchillas: Thank you :) I'm bit of a WoW-addict myself, and I play Horde, so I couldn't resist taking a shot of that Troll hunter :D

  3. @Morgaine: Dank je wel :D

    @Phyrra: Thanks!

  4. WOW, especially the first two... Amazing. I wish I could attend this kind of festival too.

  5. @Nihrida: Thanks! Are there no festivals like these where you live? Visit Holland sometime then :) Or, from what I've heard, Germany, because they seem to have a lot of these festivals during the year :)

  6. Die tweede foto vind ik heel mooi :)

  7. Nice to recognize the costumes from the festivals, it's always fun to look at costumes, my main object for going to the festivals..well...after shopping that is.

    great pics!
    ...if you have any (afforable) recommendations for a new cam that is good to photograph makeup(and catch the right colours), I'd love to hear them. My cam is a bit older now, but I love the fact that it has 8x zoom(not digital), great for spotting costumes on festivals :)
    I really want something similar and maybe a bit more compact.

  8. Thanks Jasmine!
    I have to admit I don't know that much about compact camera's. I have heard that the EOS 1000D is a very good camera though, I think it's around €400,-. This is a DSLR though, and since you want something more compact, I don't think you'll want that :)
    Other than that, I've heard that ultrazoom/megazoom camera's are quite good. Those often have more than 10x optical zoom, and a larger lense than normal compacts.
    I think someone working at a photography store can help you much better than I can with this :)
    Good luck with finding a new camera! :)

  9. These are amazing photos! The girl in the first photo is so beautiful! Love the color contrast in the last photo of the masked guy!

  10. They look great. Not just the people and the costumes or makeup, but the quality is very good. I could use a better camera eventually. My digital camera is kind of a pain to deal with.

  11. @The Peach: Thank you! :)

    @The "E" Girl: Thank you so much, I really appreciate what you said :)