Nov 19, 2010

Oh crappy days

Yes, that's the happy days theme turned crappy, and what a crappy day it's been today!

I won't bother you with all the details though :) Let's just leave it at dead iPhone, emergency visit to the vet for a non-crapping cat, and various other things.

I had wanted to make some photos of the brush roll I made yesterday, but by now it's gotten dark, so I'll make them tomorrow, and will also make a blogpost about it tomorrow :)

I promise you guys a cheerful post tomorrow! Really! :)


  1. Hope you will feel better soon!!
    And I hope that kitty cat is doing better.

    I always carry a chocolate bar in my purse to be ready for crappy days.

    *Huggies +Chocolate*

  2. Thank you sweetie!
    That chocolate bar sounds real nice, might run downstairs to the shops below our apartment building, and get me one :D
    Julius is doing much better now, he's really pissed off at me though, for taking him to the vet, and putting him in bath after (he had an 'accident' on himself and my mum's car, lol)
    He'll get over it :)

  3. Thanks hun :)

    I really love you all ladies! You made me feel a lot better, thank you :D

  4. He getver.. dat is echt een shitty dag..
    dikke knuffel en hopelijk gaat t vandaag beter!!

  5. Thank you Phyrra!

    Luckily, my iPhone could be fixed yesterday, and Julius, my cat, is also feeling a lot better by now :)