Nov 21, 2010

Tiny Sunday update

Good morning all!
As the title suggests, just a tiny update from me this Sunday.
Yesterday I got my iPhone fixed, so that's one problem out of the way, yay!
Julius is also feeling a lot better now, so I'm hoping I won't be having to go to the vet anymore this month (= more money for Christmas presents, yay!)

And (I think you will probably like this part the most, haha), because I've gotten such awesome replies to my handmade brush roll, I've decided I'm going to make another this week, which I'll be giving away here.
I'll probably start working on it tomorrow, and will have the giveaway online somewhere around next weekend. (As soon as I'm not swamped in work anymore, and able to first breathe freely, lol, and then have some time to make the brushroll :) I don't want to rush it, I want to make a pretteh!)

That's all for my tiny Sunday update, have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Gaaaaf!!! haha
    Fijn dat alles weer wat beter gaat!

  2. That's a cool idea. And I'm glad Julius is feeling better. It's no fun feeling sick.

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies :)