Aug 24, 2010

Mini top hat!

A while back I decorated my first mini top hat, and I've got to say I've had a lot of fun with creating it, so I'm probably going to make more in the future. For now, this one is sitting next to my television, as a home accessory. My living room is all black, white and red, so it suits there perfectly.
I bought the base hat and the cameo at De Poppenkraal, which is such an addictive, lovely shop! I definitely need more of their products!

What do you guys think of my first hat creation?


  1. Tnx! Ik vind ze zo schattig, die kleine hoedjes :D Must. Have. Moar!

  2. Superschattig, heb er zelf ook n paar liggen :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm definitely gonna make more of these in the future :D