Aug 23, 2010


Right now I guess you're thinking 'Ahmahgawd, not another beautyblog!'.
I'll try my best to make this blog not just a beautyblog like so many others out there. In order for me to be able to explain how, I'll first tell you guys a little bit about myself.


I am Sanne, a 26 year old photographer from the Netherlands, and I've been using the online nickname Morrigan for about 7 or 8 years now. I've always had an interest in Pagan lore, and specifically Celtic deities. The Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess of War, which makes her the ultimate tough girl in my opinion. She sometimes takes the form of a raven to fly above the battlefields, and I absolutely love all birds from the crow family (and cats, wolves and snakes, but that's a whole other subject).

Next to this pagan/wiccan interest, I am also a make-up addict, I love to create gothic style clothing, and I'm a major sucker for anything fantasy and horror (television series, movies, books, games, you name it).
I intend to focus this blog around my interests, so it'll primarily be a blog about make-up and other beautyproducts, but with a gothic/fantasy twist.

Something that's also very important to me is cruelty free cosmetics. I shall therefore only write about products from companies that do not test on animals, and use only ingredients that have not been tested. I will also create a list of companies that are cruelty free.

From time to time I will also write about the other topics that interest me, like the costumes I create, or a book I've been reading.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog, and please feel free to comment on my posts, or become a follower! I'd be very honoured if you do :)

Also, please keep in mind that I am from Holland, and therefore my native language is not English. I will try my best not to make any spelling mistakes, but an occasional error happens to us all :)

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