Aug 26, 2010

Review - Eyeko Line and Shine pencils

I recently purchased all three of these very cute pencils from Eyeko, a London based cosmetics webshop that ships for free all over Europe. I also got their Vampira polish, which I will make a NOTD for later.

The pencils themselves are nice and big, with a colour on each end. They come in the following colour combinations:
- For Superstar Eyes, which is Electric Purple and Plum
- For Rockstar Eyes, which is Black Glitter and Silver (the glitter in Black Glitter doesn't show very well on the picture, but it's there, and it's silver! I like it!)
- For Popstar Eyes, which is Electric Blue and Teal
They are €5,- each, but I got all three on sale (they still are on sale) for €9,- total, as a set.

They are very creamy, and although I love the softness, this also means they crease quite easily, especially on my rather oily skin. That being said though, they are absolutely great when used with a primer, and also when used on the waterline (not the glitter one though).

Left to right: Black Glitter, Silver, Teal, Electric Blue, Electric Purple, Plum
Daylight, no flash
Daylight, /w flash

Overall, my verdict is very positive. Six lovely, creamy colours for only €9,- is a pretty nice deal, and the pigmentation is great. 

4/5 stars

If you decide to place an order over at Eyeko's, don't forget to enter my Ambassador Code E10776 at checkout stage, and the lovely people from Eyeko will send you a nice gift with your purchase!


  1. I love these vivid colours, the blues especially. Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. You're welcome :)
    The teal is very pretty in person, and so is the plum one. It just doesn't show very well in the picture :)