Aug 31, 2010

Pretties for my Kitties

Today I decided to use some leftovers from recent costume making, and create a catnip toy for Julius and Brutus out of them.
First I went to the petstore and got some dried catnip, and then I sat down and created this:

The catnip is inside the little velvet bag, and I added a tiny silk bow and rose, and some feathers. I put all of this on a piece of black elastic.
When I was done, it was time for some animal-friendly animal-testing :) Luckily for me, I have two catnip addicted cats, so they automatically loved it!
Here's a pic of Brutus playing with it:

I'd say 'Mission Accomplished'. I've had a lot of fun creating this, so I'm planning on making more catnip toys. Next one will be a little catnip bat, and I have several more ideas. I'll keep you posted!
What do you guys think of my newest kitteh-creation?


  1. aww thats so cute!
    My cats unfortunately don't let toys live a full life..

    especially Loki always breaks the toys, and Odin usually drewls on them untill they are soaking wet.

  2. btw i cat follow you with GFA(i do with Bloglovin), because I always get an error..any idea why?

  3. Thanks Jasmine!
    I love the names of your cats :)
    Mine usually do exactly the same as yours, Brutus tries to destroy toys (that's what he was trying to do in the pic), and Julius treats them as lollipops, lol :D
    I have no idea why you keep getting errors with GFC, but it sucks! I'll go and have a look around on the web, to see if it's got something to do with my site or not. I am able to follow myself though, so perhaps it's something with your browser? I'm using Firefox atm.
    Thanks for following me on Bloglovin though! :)

  4. Cool! I make catnip toys for my cats using old socks and leftover craft materials too. I learned a long time ago that kitties like to play with things that look like they aren't supposed to have. Mine don't like store bought toys.

  5. Thanks Blix!
    Mine usually play with store bought toys for a few minutes before they get bored with them, and that's beginning to get quite expensive :)
    Oh, the life of a kitteh-servant, it's a hard one, lol :D