Sep 7, 2010


Yesterday, when I came home, a very cool package was waiting for me. It was send to me by Suzy, from Simply Suzy. Last week she held a contest/giveaway with the prize being the Sleek LE Circus Palette, and a Gosh lipstick in the colour Darling. And I won!
I'm so happy with my prizes! The palette has some very strong colours in it, but in my opinion, that's what makes it so awesome.
Here's some pics of the pallette itself:

The green and the dark blue shade are shimmery, the others are matte. I love the two shimmer colours, the purples, the light blue and the black. The black is very pigmented, I didn't own a black this pigmented yet, so that's great :)
The other colours are perhaps a bit too colourful for everyday use, but they will be great to use in looks for the fantasy events I visit!
I also have some great ideas with these colours for my photography :D

Here are some swatches:

Top row (left to right)

Bottom row (left to right)

As you can see, the green and the dark blue have a very pretty shimmer in them! All of these swatches were made on Hema Eyeshadow Base.

Gosh Darling a a very pretty nude coloured lipstick, which I like a lot as well :) 
Happy me!


  1. Leuke prijs zeg! Die kleuren zijn echt wel prachtig :).

  2. Gorgeous. I need this palette for my collection..but I can't get it without a creditcard :(

  3. @Jasmine, voor zover ik kan zien op de website van Sleek, kun je ook betalen met Paypal. Ik heb alleen nog nooit iets bij ze besteld, dus ik kan het ook mis hebben natuurlijk, maar er staat in de faq dat paypal ook geaccepteerd wordt :)

    @Dial V for Vintage, lief he van Suzy :) Ik ben er echt heel erg blij mee :D