Sep 1, 2010

NOTD - Nfu Oh 61

I was in the mood for some holo goodness today, so I decided to put some Nfu Oh 61 on my nails. I bought this polish last July after I passed my written exam for my drivers license (which I will be doing my final test for next week, hope I'll pass, I promised myself some make-up if I do, lol), at NailXL.

This is three coats, photographed in sunlight. In direct sunlight the holo really shows, but I can't seem to get it right on camera. In real life the holo sparkle is even more awesome, trust me!
Below is a close-up of my ring finger, and it shows the holo goodness a bit better:

I absolutely adore the bottles Nfu Oh polish comes in, so I decided to photograph the bottle as well, to show you just how cute they are:

What's your opinion on the Nfu Oh holos, and their nailpolish in general?


  1. I love Nfu Oh and Holo's in general :D
    If you use the nfu oh aqua basecoat any holo apply's even easier!
    Gosh has also one like that it's a milk white basecoat.

  2. I read about that basecoat, and heard it does wonders for application, but sadly, my budget (read: boyfriend xD) doesn't allow me to buy any more make-up related stuff at the moment :)
    Gonna have to wait until payday :(
    Damn you, expensive driver's license! hihi :)

  3. Oogverblindend! En de flesjes zijn inderdaad erg schattig - ik heb nog geen nagellak van Nfu Oh maar nu ik dit zo zie wil ik daar wel verandering in brengen! ;-)

  4. Ik kan ze zeker aanraden! De flakies zijn ook heel erg mooi, heb zelf #51, zal ik binnenkort ook nog een NOTD voor doen :)