Oct 22, 2010

Catrice Preview

Today, me and a bunch of fellow beautybloggers went to the Catrice Preview in Amsterdam, to see what Catrice has in store for us with their new product looks. We got to see, and try, some pretty cool new products!
I had a blast! It was so much fun to finally see some faces behind the blogs :) And everyone was so sweet!

Most of you will probably have seen the product shots of the new range on a lot of blogs by now, so for now, I'll just show you some pics of today:

The Catrice sign outside. We knew we were at the right place :)

The new display. I really think the new packaging looks gorgeous. The Catrice representative called the old packaging a bit old-fashioned, and I totally agree with her. This new transparent-silver-and-black look is much, much better.

The three new nail polish colours (left to right): Absolutely Chinchilly, Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, and Run Forest Run. Since I'm a huge Forrest Gump fan, and I love green nail polishes, my absolute favourite of the three is of course Run Forest Run!

 The new eyeshadow mono's. There are some gorgeous shades among these.

Cupcakes! These looked so cute, I couldn't resist taking a shot of them :) They were delicious, too!

That's all for now, thanks for looking at this pic-heavy post ladies!

And a huge thanks to Catrice for making this possible! :)


  1. Het was echt suuuupergezellig! :D

  2. leuk hoor!! :) Jammer dat ik niet invited was :P had ook wel even willen meesnoepen van al dat moois ;)

  3. Nogmaals bedankt! Ik vond het echt superleuk en gezellig!

  4. Wat fijn, ik ben eens benieuwd naar de vernieuwde producten!

  5. @Tessa: inderdaad jammer, had het ook wel leuk gevonden als ik jou had kunnen ontmoeten :)

    @Eline: was inderdaad erg gezellig, en graag gedaan! Was blij dat ik zo tenminste nog een medeblogster blij kon maken als m'n +1 :)

    @Dial V for Vintage: vanaf november moet het nieuwe schap in de winkels staan, ik hoorde vandaag zelfs dat het oude niet eens meer aangevult wordt!