Oct 14, 2010

Update on The Dress

Just a short post today, because I'm very busy with the process of starting my own photography business.
I wanted to inform you guys that I will be making Dress B (here's the original post), because most of you guys voted for it :)
It'll be a very dark blue dress, and I'll line it with silver, to give it a bit of a Moon theme. I'll start on it as soon as things get a bit more relaxed with regards to before mentioned business, and of course I will post updates with pictures often!

Thanks a lot for voting ladies! Much appreciated :)


  1. Oops, I meant to vote and this week has been so busy, but I too thought Dress B was the better option. Great contrast and impact - can't wait to see the finished piece!

  2. Thanks ladies!
    And no worries Elise, I must admit that I didn't give people a lot of time to vote, lol :)
    I'm just very eager to start working on it I guess :D