Oct 4, 2010

World Animal Day

Today is the 4th of October, meaning it's World Animal Day. Because I love animals, I decided to make today's post a bit larger than usual.
Since I've posted photos of my two cats Julius and Brutus before, I guess you all know them a bit by now, but what most of you probably don't know is that my house somewhat resembles a zoo. Specifically, the reptile house at the zoo :)
The Man and I keep and breed snakes. Ball pythons, boa constrictors and corn snakes. And because today's post is animal oriented, I decided it might be cool to post some photos of my pretties:

This is Pinkeh, our Albino boa constrictor, he's 6 months old now

This is Spidey, our spider Ball python, he's 2 years old now

Pretty, aren't they? More information about them can be found here, at our snakes' website.

Ofcourse I also did a NOTD today, so this post won't be all off-topic :) I chose China Glaze's Gussied Up Green today, a beautiful forest green colour from the 2008 fall collection Rodeo Diva:

I love this colour! This is two coats, photographed in natural light.

Finally, because it's World Animal Day, I'd like to give some attention to my two favourite organisations, who are fighting for animals year-round:

Give your pets an extra hug today!


  1. I miss having snakes. I had a sweet Burmese for 6 years and had a funny baby Ball python rescue.Unfortunately where I live now it gets very cold and we have frequent power outages in winter so I don't feel safe keeping any cold blooded babies around.
    They are beautiful.

  2. ahah nice snakes :D the nail polish is very nice, i like those dark and shiny colors * I gave a bath to my dog today. xD thanks for reminding everyone it's animal day *

  3. @ Evil Angel: that sucks! It's the best thing to do ofcourse, because of the power outages, but I wouldn't know what to do without my babies!
    I'm lucky for living in Holland I guess, we have very moderate winters here :)

    @ Trivia: Thanks! And aw, I hope he enjoyed his bath! The Kittehs enjoyed their milk here :)

  4. I didn't even know there was such a day. No snakes here, but I do have 1 black cat I named Ink Spot and one of my neighbors cats has adopted me as mom thus refusing to leave the front/back yard. Not that I have anything against snakes because I don't. My best friend has one along with a tarantula. LOL

  5. @ The "E" Girl: maybe it's more known here in Holland :)
    And I love black cats! We used to own one a few years back, but he got in an accident sadly :(

  6. Hello,
    Just found your blog.I love it and became a follower.


  7. OMG i'm terrified of snakes! The photos are quite beautiful, specially the first one but if i saw one of those in front of me i'd paralyze and probably scream. Loud. x)

    I'm so sad that i can't get any China Glaze here. They always have the best colors :( I've been dying to get the Awakening collection but it's nowhere to be found. All the websites that carry it either don't ship here or the shipping costs are absurd. I found a site that charged $9 for the entire colection and $130 for shipping!! What the hell? Is Portugal that exotic of a country that requires special shipping? (Okay, rant's over. Sorry :x)