Oct 25, 2010

Review - Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder

This is one of the new products from Catrice that will hit the stores in November. It's available in two versions: one for light skin, and one for darker skin. The one for light skin is the one I've tested, and it's called Rose Beige.

Here are some product shots Catrice provided of both colours:

As I said, I've tried the lighter shade, because my skin is very light.
The packaging is lovely, it looks and feels like a more expensive product than the €4,49 this will retail for. The product has been scented, but luckily (I hate cosmetic products that smell like a candy store) it has a very subtle, flowery smell, which I quite like.
Normally I use compact powder on top of my foundation, but for below pics I used it on bare skin:

On the left is the skin on my nose (the most shiny and oily part of my face) without any product, and on the right the same patch of skin with the Multi Colour Compact Powder. From the macroshots I see that I should have blended it in better, my apologies for that! It does the job though, in mattifying my skin.

I quite like this product. It feels very soft on the skin, which is great. Normally I use compact powder from Gosh, and the two are (in my opinion) comparable in quality. However, the Catrice one is cheaper, so that makes it the winner here :)

Verdict: 4/5
If you don't like scented cosmetics at all, this might not be a product for you.


  1. Ziet er goed uit!
    Dat verdiend wel een hoge score :)

  2. ohhh die is erg mooi! Kan niet wachten tot het in de winkel is.. hoopte het vandaag al te vinden maar helaas :P...

  3. I like this! Does the powder come out matte?

  4. @Judith: Bedankt voor je comment :)

    @Tessa: Hij ligt pas vanaf november in de winkel, dus nog een weekje wachten denk ik :)

    @AestheticAnonymous: Yes, it's mattifying the skin :)

  5. It does look really nice! I'll have to check my local counter!

    I do like Catrice, specially their polishes

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